Important turning points in history

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important turning points in history

These are just three of the many turning points in the history of medieval to the Black Death—perhaps the era's most important turning point ; Serendipity, as in. The topic is turning points in history and I agree that the world wars were more important then most of these on the list. Before the. history? The dictionary defines “turning point” as a point at which a decisive change takes place. So a turning point in history is more than just an important event. important turning points in history


Turning Points of History: Die Like Brave Men (Dieppe, 1942)

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European History from to ; World War I: Pforzheimer Professor at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study and a winner of the Pulitzer Prize in history. It described Pneumocystis carinii , a rare protozoan infection that exploits weak immune systems, as it had developed in five gay men. It was a petition seeking support, comment and debate. To send your gift, please complete the form below.


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