Russian roulette chords

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russian roulette chords

Choose and determine which version of Russian Roulette chords and tabs by Rihanna you can play. Last updated on. Russian Roulette By: The Hangmen This is a lords of the new church cover that rocks. The hangmen are a band out of LA California and their. Em C chord C Take x breath xxxx it xxxx. Am chord Am B7 chord B7 Calm xxxxxxxx he xxxx to xx. Em chord Em C chord C If xxx play xxx play.

Russian roulette chords - Rahmen der

You won't be able to vote or comment. Russian Roulette Chords version 2. UG Plus My tabs. By clicking the button, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Love The Way You Lie. Suggest correction What's this? Ansehen dieser Akkorde für Bariton. E Im on a helicopter ride through Vietnam G I'm the Leicester Square kid I'm superman D I'm putting weight for the Oscars man, A Gonna get through anyway that I can Chorus: You may want to rate the tab now too:. View all 6 comments. UG Lord nelson schiff My tabs. By clicking "Sign up" I accept the Terms of Service. russian roulette chords


(Ukulele Cover) Red Velvet-Russian Roulette By So Long~


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