Webmoney merchant account

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webmoney merchant account

Сервис Merchant WebMoney Transfer (http:// merchant. stadtteilprogramm-suedost.de) служит для облегчения интеграции системы WebMoney Transfer с веб-сайтами с. Die Datei "stadtteilprogramm-suedost.de" auf dieser Website lässt nicht zu, dass eine Beschreibung für das Suchergebnis angezeigt wird. Set up Merchant WebMoney Transfer for processing customer payments made to your purse here. As a result you will be able to accept payments to the. webmoney merchant account

Webmoney merchant account - CHF starten

Bill number set by the merchant during the payment request processing. For example if you enter 'mailto: The Merchant receives real time information about payments received. If the flag is disabled then the form is not used the request is sent without parameters. If the Result URL is secured and cannot be changed edited , the merchant may authenticate the sender in two different ways: We advise you to verify the data transmitted in the 'Payment notification form':. When purse is blocked.


WebMoney Merchant - (видео устарело) Format is a letter and twelve digits. Its number is When forming a payment form the customer can assign this field the following values: A description of goods or services encoded UTF-8 and then encrypted with Base64 algorithm. To use this method you must have a personal passport for an individual representing the company. If the URL begins with mailto: For games and apps developers.


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